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My purpose is to provide you with all my knowledge and experience as an artist and tattoo artist, so that you can easily understand color and start creating your own works of art.

INKMERSIÓN EN EL COLOR is a face-to-face seminar that was held in the city of Cali – Colombia, on March 20TH and 21ST 2022, taught by the teacher ITALO ESQUIVEL, where artists from different Latin American countries met with the aim of expanding their knowledge about color tattoo.

The seminar is developed from an artistic perspective that delves into the history, development and practical application of color theory. Among those attending this seminar there are different types of people, some who have never tattooed and artists with more than 15 years of experience, all of them tell us their stories, doubts and concerns, finding answers through interaction and the
exchange of knowledge.

In this seminar you will immerse yourself in an audiovisual experience that will take you on a journey where we will address art history, color theory, artistic painting and the application of color in tattoos.


During my experience as an mentor in the Realismo Sombras seminar, I noticed that most of my students and other artist in general have great difficulties when it comes tu putting color into practice and that is why they prefer to dedicate themselves only tattooing  in “Shadows” and the truth is that the “Shadows” are much more complex to work with.

Some state that they do not feel satisfied with the result of their designs, they do not manage to properly harmonize the colors of the background or that their designs stand out; others find it very difficult to tattoo in colors because they only have the basic knowledge of color theory, and for others, injecting color properly and without hurting the skin is also a huge challenge.

Color tattoos are very striking and highly requested by many clients. If you are not prepared to carry out this type of colorful pieces, you will stop growing your amount of costumers and you will lose many economic opportunities.



To respond to all these concerns and solve many problems, I decided to create this seminar in PRESENTIAL form in which you will see the following content:


1 lesson - 1:15 Hours - Full HD

Welcome to the INKMERSIÓN IN COLOR Seminar, it is time to discover all the magic that it offers us to grow in the world of tattooing. What if we know some of the stories of those who today dare to live this experience?

Let us begin!





1 lesson - 1:03 hours - Full HD

A recount through the history of humanity, reveals the evolution that art has had until today. The modernization of the machines and the quality of the pigments with which today we can become tattoo artists.

Get ready to travel back in time!




5 lessons - 5 hours - Full HD

Get your materials ready! It is time to test our ability to paint, as it is the most effective way to learn color and its properties. Join us in this practical theoretical exercise to learn about its relationship with our cultures, the importance of mastering it, and its ability to make our imagination fly.

¡Let’s do it!


3 lessons - 1:20 hours - Full HD

Planning the tattoo with our client is the step to follow in the seminar, since the success of our piece depends on the importance of evaluating the design and its characteristics. Here we will define the style, size, colors and orientation of our tattoo before execution.

Can you help us?


1 lesson - 12 min - Full HD

Every detail is important when making color realism, that is why it is so important to know how to highlight every detail when we make our STENCIL. Here, with our visual ability, we will know where we will put each color, to achieve a good result.


1 lesson - 8 min - Full HD

Let’s get into it! It is time to set up our work table, so biosecurity measures, such as machines and the quality of our pigments, are factors that we will take into account in this module.

We’ll learn how to prepare it!


1 lesson - 28 min - Full HD

We already have our machines, cartridges and needles ready to inject the pigment, in this module we will learn how to distribute them professionally on our work table. We will make different mixtures to reach the desired color and we will test the visual skills that we have acquired during these modules, creating our personalized color palette. We’re almost to the tattoo!


3 lessons - 8 hours - Full HD

Where do we start?

The importance of planning before proceeding to tattoo is essential to correctly position the template of our tattoo, it is also essential to capture the essence of what our client wants. Find out how we get the measurement, we apply the PROTON Stencil and all the techniques we use to tattoo appropriately in colors.


1 lesson - 5 min - Full HD

Learn about the techniques I use to register tattoos and the tools that allow me to get a
professional quality photo.

¡It it’s not a simple PHOTOGRAPH, It is the one that shows us to the world as artists!


1 lesson - 25 min - Full HD

We have reached the end of this INKMERSIÓN EN COLOR. Remember that it is very important that you put into practice everything you have learned, repeat it if you have any doubts and put this knowledge into practice.

I hope that you become an expert in color and that you manage to create pieces of art of the highest level.

See you next time!









My name is Italo Esquivel and I started my career as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator since 1995 and found tattooing by chance 13 years ago as an artistic alternative from which I could live… but the information needed to start a career in the world of tattooing is sparse and very few are willing to share their knowledge.

I am currently an artist and owner of the Italo Esquivel Studio based in Cali, the tattoo studio that has about 10 artists in different styles and techniques, I have participated and won prizes in several national and international tattoo conventions and now I am also dedicated to sharing technical, theoretical and practice of everything related to the world of tattooing through face-to-face and audiovisual seminars. Virtual seminars have become for me the means by which I can effectively transmit all my knowledge and I have been able to witness the advancement and development of people who have decided to let me be their guide, share knowledge so that the art of tattooing reach more people and plant in them the idea that we can all become true artists, it is something that comes from the heart and I hope to continue doing this in the future.

My professional training has always been the tool with which I have been able to develop my career in the world of tattooing. I have always known that knowledge is power, and that if you share that power, many more people will be able to live and make a career through art.

Understanding color and how to harmonize it can be difficult if we do not understand the language of art. Learning to communicate with color and solving the problems you face every time you have to tattoo a piece in color is the objective of this seminar.





By acquirin INKMERSIÓN you will have permanent access to 10 modules, 23 episodes and a total of 18 hours of content, below you can see the content index.

$369 USD 


$299 USD





In response to the request of many people who prefer the experience of a face-to-face seminar, in which they can interact and answer their personal questions, we decided to film this seminar which we have called INKMERSIÓN EN EL COLOR.

Due to the amount and complexity of the information contained in this seminar, and to guarantee a more appropriate learning, we have prepared this audiovisual document, which records two days of an intensive seminar in color theory, with a total duration of 18 hours, in which all the necessary information to learn and apply the color in the tattoo is recorded.

The information overload that an 18-hour face-to-face seminar can generate could also cause fatigue and learning blocks. All human beings have different ways of learning; Some understand it the first time, others need to review it and others are limited by their geographical location, among other factors.

This INKMERSIÓN EN EL COLOR seminar was developed with the purpose of educating through face-to-face experience and so that information about color theory remains always available.


Once the purchase is made, the email you register will receive an email with the access where you will create your own username and password on the Hotmart platform.

This Seminar contains the dynamics, the development and the explanation that would be carried out in a face-to-face Seminar, explaining all the topics in a didactic and simple way and in an easy to understand language.

The Seminar addresses everything related to color theory and for this we will explain from its history, its theory and its application, divided into several modules with specific topics that you can study as you understand each topic in the time you have available.

Although this Seminar addresses almost all aspects related to color theory and its application in tattooing, there will always be doubts that go beyond the information offered and although we would like to answer all the concerns that may arise, we are sure that that in these 20 hours of
content you will have all the answers you are looking for.

This page contains a purchase button where you can purchase the Seminar. We have also made several payment channels available depending on the country you are in and you will find them on
the Hotmart platform so that you can purchase it in your local currency in an easy and simple way.

Access to the Seminar is unlimited, that is, you can see it today, tomorrow or in a year.

To achieve a better understanding of color theory, it will be good for you to have a color wheel, paints, brushes and a canvas where you can put all the knowledge you are going to acquire into practice. If you want to develop this knowledge in the practice of tattooing, you must have the supplies and materials that it needs and that are described and explained in the content of the seminar.

The face-to-face Seminar lasted 3 days that included theory, practice and tattooing. In the virtual part it lasts 18 hours distributed in 10 modules and 18 episodes.

With the purchase of this Seminar you will obtain a document that certifies you as an assistant to this INKMERSIÓN EN EL COLOR Seminar.

In this Seminar you will obtain the knowledge that will allow you to develop more elaborate designs, paintings and tattoos, you will expand your customer market by developing new and better techniques in your artistic portfolio, you will clear doubts and concerns about the application of color and you will get more out of your pigment palette.

This is a Seminar focused mainly on explaining the theory of color and its development in tattooing, but it can be applied in any artistic field, the information that is given is universal and works equally well for an artist who is only dedicated to painting and for the professional tattoo artist.

The idea of this Seminar is to broaden and delve into the most important topics of color theory, so whether or not you have previous knowledge, you will find new ways to find the answers to your doubts.

This Seminar is aimed at people with an interest in understanding color theory and that mainly includes tattoo artists, but it will also be of great help to those who are dedicated to painting, illustration, design, airbrushing, graffiti and other artistic activities.

We know that color may seem like a difficult subject to understand, but this Seminar is explained from an artistic vision that will address the necessary topics so that you can take it into practice and execution, you will learn to master the color wheel and with the use of this tool You will be able to solve any doubt or concern that arises when it comes to combining, mixing and harmonizing the color.


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